Kamero (available soon)

Everdale x R. Johnson / Second Career

2015 KWPN Gelding, 16.2hh

Kamero is a big beautiful black horse with a white star, one white hind sock and an ever so small snip. Like his namesake, the iconic “Camaro” sports car, he is fully super charged and electrifying. You can hear the thunder and feel the ground shake when he is turned out. He is pure Dynamite! His sire Everdale is 100 percent dressage horse and Kamero would make an exceptional partner for a serious dressage home. He is a modern dressage horse with an outstanding conformation and refined expression.

Regal Dutchess
Lord Leatherdale
Aliska K
R. Johnson
Swan Creek Brownie
Lord Loxley
Fairless P
G. Ramiro Z
Second Career
Kitty Gordo

Sire: Everdale (Lord Leatherdale x Negro / El Corona)

Everdale is a very elegantly built, well-developed and an exceptionally talented stallion who, at every performance, impresses with his fantastic movement and athletic ability. His temperament, electricity, “go mentality”, fantastic movement in all 3 basic paces and unrivaled ability to collect, together evoke memories of his phenomenal grandfather, Negro.

  • The undisputable 2012 KWPN Performance Test Champion dressage 2012
  • Winner 2013 PAVO Cup for 4-year-olds
  • Winner Team Bronze Tokyo 2020, with a beautiful score of 80.641% in the Grand Prix Freestyle.
  • Winner Team Silver European Championships Hagen 2021. Individual fifth with a new PB of 84.721% in the Grand Prix Freestyle.

Dam: Regal Dutchess (R. Johnson x Second Career)

Our foundation mare. Visit her page: Regal Dutchess

Kamero AKA Damn Lucky

Kamero is also known as “Damn Lucky,” at least to Dr. Gerry Longworth, who saved his life when a foal. He was our little dysmature foal (overdue but premature), that was born on a Sunday morning without a heartbeat. Fortunately, we had taken the mare out to Scottsdale Reproductive Center to foal. Our vet, Dr. Longworth, just happened to be there doing an early morning embryo flush and was on-site when he was born.  It took 3 compressions, which amounts to picking up the foal and dropping the foal from approximately 3 feet, to get a heartbeat. Kamero was very weak and required a plasma transfusion later that day. Today he is 16.2 hands, a gentle gaint, and Dr Longworth still refuses to call him Kamero; as far as he is concerned, he will always be “DL” or “Damn Lucky.”